From Our Recipients

“I really wanted to write you because I do appreciate all the nice things you got for my baby girl. Just to say thank you for the help because I didn’t have much. Now I have nothing to worry about you really took the weight off my shoulders. At first I wasn’t really prepared until I started to get help from you and a couple of family members. Again thank you! I am glad God sent you to help me.”

Amy, New Mother

“First of all, let me say thank you to you and your family for doing this for me and my children. I can’t explain how much of a blessing you are to us. It’s very hard trying to balance two kids and school at a young ageŠ. This donation means the world to me, especially at my time of need.”

Lanzana, Mother of 2

From Our Donors

“My husband and I really enjoyed sharing this experience with our son, and other families in the class echoed our sentiments. In fact, the Share Our Spare drive evoked such a strong and positive response from the class that numerous families inquired about getting involved in future drives. We all felt honored to play a part in the excitement surrounding Destiny’s arrival and are so happy that she’s enjoying all this great baby gear!”

Betsy, Classroom Drive Organizer

“Every year for Samantha’s birthday we pick a charity to which we donate. In lieu of gifts, we ask her friends to bring something for a good cause. This year when we asked people to donate to Share our Spare, we were shocked by all the goodies we received by only a small number of friends. People looked through all their “spares” and donated clothes, books, bouncy seats, toys, blankets and even a bathtub. People reached into their wallets and bought new gifts so Destiny could have some special things all her own. We went and delivered the loot ourselves and to see the impact really made it all worthwhile. I know that Samantha will hopefully, one day, realize the difference she might have made in getting Destiny off on the right foot.”

Amy, Birthday Party Drive Organizer

“My son’s birthday party was a success. Our friends and family were extremely generous in their donations. We made a huge dent in Sarah and Baby Londynne’s wishlist. We collected books, baby clothes, diapers, crib mobiles, wipes, toys, bath products and other baby essentials. We were thrilled to help Sarah and Baby Londynne and hope that the donations helped them get back on their feet.”

Hope, Birthday Party Drive Organizer

From Our Agency Partners

“Share Our Spare is the dream program that we didn’t realize we were dreaming of, until we met you! It’s such a great idea and we’re so happy to collaborate with such generous, organized, warm-hearted women. As most of us know, parenting is such a huge job that comes with so many stressors… and any program that aims to alleviate some of those stressful factors so that parents can focus on actual parenting- is right on target. Better parents leads to better communities, for all of us. And we understand first-hand, how difficult it sometimes can be to get donated items into the hands that need them the most. Here in our program, we simply lack the space to accept more than a few items at a time, which is frustrating. But now with our collaboration, we’re able to think of specific families, hand-pick the items we know they need, and bring them directly to the family’s home. Since we work with families who are often very overwhelmed, we really appreciate this type of assistance that is tangible and stress-reducing.”

Sara Barerra
Coordinator, Teen Parent Services
Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

“I am so glad that Share Our Spare has partnered with well established, reputable organizations like the YWCA that can connect us with mothers and families in need, like Amy. Amy is a member of the YWCA’s Young Parents Program where she’s learning skills to help her create a safe, healthy, happy home for Destiny. Like most moms, Amy will face many challenges as a new mom. But, I know that after receiving so many donations of baby necessities from Share Our Spare, Amy felt so much more comfortable and secure bringing Destiny home from the hospital!”

Molly, YWCA Liaison

“Your donation went ABOVE & BEYOND! I know it touched [Sarah] in such a positive way. Share our Spare is a blessing and a sigh of relief to families. Thank you for starting this!”

Kelly, Common Pantry Liaison

“Ladies of Share our Spare, More than Milk and Bump Club and Beyond: I just wanted to send you all a quick note to let you know how much we truly appreciate the wonderful outpouring of generosity from all of your organizations. We are so blessed with virtually a toy store of wonderful gifts for the children and for that we are truly grateful. This donation will allow us to celebrate the holidays now as well as allow moms to pick out wonderful birthday and other special occasion gifts for their children in the near future.

Thank you for all you do. We will be delighted to share pictures when we hold the party later this week. All of you have truly brightened the hearts and lives of the women and children who call Primo Center their temporary home this holiday season!”

Christine, CEO, Primo Center for Women and Children