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Wishlist # 12 – Mariah


In honor of Rafi’s first birthday, his family partnered with Share Our Spare to help Mariah and her son Jeremiah.  Another SOS succes!!  They collected a new stroller, toys, diapers, shoes, books…just to name SOME of the fantastic items donated.  Read on to hear what Brittany (Rafi’s mom) had to say:


This November our son Rafi turned one. And, to mark this milestone we wanted to do something to give back. We decided to ask Rafi’s birthday party guests for donations to Share Our Spare in lieu of gifts. We were absolutely thrilled by the generosity of our family and friends. When Rafi is older we know he will be so happy to know what a difference he made. Our three-year-old daughter Maison loved helping collect the items and organizing them for the family. Share Our Spare made the process very easy – providing necessary materials to give to party guests and simple drop-off coordination. We hope to work with Share Our Spare in the future again!


Thanks for your kind words, Brittany!  Looking forward to working with you again soon.


Wishlist # 11 – Kayla

In lieu of their annual holiday grab bag, Cindy Zadikoff and her team from the Movement Disorders Division at Northwestern  University decided to bring some holiday cheer to a family in need. They were matched up with Kayla, a single mother of 3 young children, who is pursuing a Nursing degree and working two jobs trying to make ends meet for her family.
The team of 14 at Northwestern did SO much more than just ‘share their spare’.  Almost all of the items donated were new and many were even gift wrapped with the kids names on them!  There were new coats and shoes for all 3 children, books, cleaning products, bedding, blankets, pull ups, wipes, toys and a Target gift card.  Kayla was very emotional when she came into the room and saw all of the incredible items collected just for her family. .  She was overwhelmed by the kindness of the donors and talked about how this really made her holidays because she was struggling to get her kids Christmas gifts this year.
Here is what Cindy said about the experience: “I shared the pictures with everyone and I think we all feel that for little effort on our parts we have hopefully made a large impact on someone else’s life…and isn’t that what this season should be about? We plan to make this a yearlytradition.Thanks very much for allowing us to participate!”
Thanks so much to everyone that so generously participated in Kayla’s drive!

Wishlist #10 – Lazana

We had SO much fun delivering everything that was collected at Zoe’s 3rd Birthday party to Lazana, big sister Didi and little sister Dezarianna.

Boxes and bags of diapers, clothes, toys, books, a bouncy seat, a swing, a Baby Bijorn, a sling, a bath tub, bath products, a monitor…we couldn’t possibly list it all. AND not only did our little buddy Didi get a new winter jacket, but she also got her very own ‘big sister’ t-shirt!

From Lanzana:

“First off, let me say thank you and your family for doing this for me and my children. I can’t explain how much of a blessing you guys are to us.  It’s very hard trying to balance two kids and school at a young age.  Things can become very stressful but when god gives me blessing like this it makes things much easier and give us hope.  May god bless you and your family for being so helpful to less fortunit, especially around the holidays.  It brings tears to my eyes to be so blessed and I thank God every day for people like you.  This donation means the world to me, especially at my time of need. Things were getting hard for me and God sent us you and your family.  Thank you Julie, may God bless you and your family.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  May you have much love, laughter and joy.  Sincerely Lazana, Devontaria and Dezarianna”
 Thank you Zoe and friends, for the wonderful donations!


A December to Remember

Last month we were able to collect and deliver to 6 families!  We had 3 classroom drives at Gan Shalom, 2 birthday party drives and a holiday drive through the Movement Disorders Division at Northwestern University — AMAZING.  Our generous drive captains and their family, friends and colleagues went ABOVE and BEYOND for our SOS families — they shared not only gently used items but new items too, many of which were thoughtfully gift-wrapped for the holidays.  To take the time to do that, to give these parents a chance to make the holidays extra special for their children — THANK YOU.
It really is such a special, powerful moment when we get to share all of the items collected with our families. To see the surprise and the joy on their faces and to literally feel the relief in the room — it’s an experience we won’t soon forget.  Highlights from our December drop offs coming soon…

Honorable Mention

Thanks so much to our friend Amy Cahill of More Than Milk for including us in this great article she wrote for Families in the Loop.  We love her thoughts and suggestions for joining in on the revolution of caring and we are so excited to be a part of it!  Well said, Amy!

New Year, New Goal!

Happy New Year!  Hope 2012 is off to a great start for everyone.  We at Share Our Spare have made a New Year’s resolution of our own and we are thinking BIG with a goal of serving 100 families this year.  Told you we were thinking big!  Check back soon for details about our plan and to learn more about how you can Share YOUR Spare to help us reach our 2012 goal!