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Update on Baby Londynne

Another AMAZING show of support and proof yet again that if we SHARE OUR SPARE, we can make a big difference in the lives of others.

We met with Sarah and adorable Londynne today to give them all of their new things. Sarah was so appreciative and completely overwhelmed.

Because of your consideration and kindness, they received nearly 1,500 new and gently used items, including:

840 wipes
369 diapers
150 clothing items
63 toys
53 books
9 blankets
2 towels
1 glider and ottoman
1 changing table
1 swing
1 Boppy
1 Bumbo seat
1 mobile
1 car mirror
1 sling
Plus assorted bibs, dvds, bath products and little lovies…


We also are thrilled to report that since we met Sarah she found a job working at a bakery near her house!

A HUGE, heartfelt  thank you to each and every one of you that donated to Baby Londynne – your generosity did not go unnoticed! .

Three Days Left to Help Baby Londynne


Our donation drive for Baby Londynne is winding down and we have received almost all of the items on the wishlist!  We are still in need of two items:

*Exersaucer or Jumparoo

*Pack ‘N Play Crib

Please contact us before Sunday, September 18 if you are able to donate either of these to Londynne.  We will gladly arrange to pick up directly from your home.

We recently met Londynne and Sarah to drop-off this glider and know they appreciate your support.  Thank you to all of our generous donors!