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Wishlist #1 – Baby Adilene

Meet Alicia, Remigio and their 4 month old daughter Adilene.

The couple is struggling to try and support their family on Remigio’s income of $275.00 per week. They do not even have the most basic essentials. While raising Adilene, Alicia is finishing her high school diploma requirements and then plans to attend nursing school.

We have worked with Alicia to come up with a”‘wish list” for baby Adilene. If you have anything on the below list that you can donate — PLEASE let us know!

Any donations are TRULY appreciated and would greatly help Alicia and Remigio to care and provide for their beautiful daughter, Adilene.

Adilene’s ‘Wish List’

* Crib and/or mattress pad and sheets for Pack n’Play (where Adilene currently sleeps)

* Enfamil formula

* Stroller

* Summer clothing 3-6 months

* Winter clothing 6 – 12 months

* Diapers – size 2 to 3

* Wipes